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Factory official Ulivi in ​​Russia

From studio apartments to small rooms, any living space can make you take a creative approach to furniture layouts. Sometimes the answer to space limitations is furniture, which can serve several purposes. Multifunctional furniture allows you to get more utility from your space, so you do not need to fill every inch of your room with furniture. Use our collection of multifunctional furniture to find out how to make the most of your precious space.

What does Ulivi offer?

The Ulivi brand originates from 1972 and for more than 40 years our furniture factory has been producing one of the best luxury furniture for the whole house in the world, thanks to which it confidently takes a leading place in the global furniture market.

Our designers develop furniture sets of different styles, sizes for absolutely all rooms in your home. The catalog of serial products includes more than 100 models that can be made in any leather or fabric.

Whether you are moving to a new space or want to update your current one — arranging your home can be a fun and exciting experience. We will help you familiarize yourself with many furniture options so that you can easily find the perfect solution for your interior:

  • accessories (pillows, rugs, rugs) — cosiness and comfort in every detail;
  • lighting devices (chandeliers, floor lamps, lamps) and mirrors — expand the space, add bright accents;
  • beds and banquets — set the tone of comfort for your bedroom;
  • tables and chairs — create the atmosphere of any dining room light and save yourself from the need to play as an interior designer;
  • tables — achieve a balance of beauty and functionality throughout the house;
  • poufs — softness and comfort in every room;
  • cabinet furniture — organize your workspace;
  • furniture sets for the night zone — plunge into the world of relaxation — discard the stress and heaviness of the past day;
  • headsets for the day zone — meet guests, relax with your family, spend time with loved ones;
  • armchairs — a secluded corner for rest and recreation;
  • sofas — appreciate comfort and elegance;
  • libraries and boazers — for every trinket dear to your heart, your favorite and rare book, there will always be a place on the shelf.

It doesn’t matter: whether you want to refresh the interior in one room or plan to transform your home — you can be sure our elite Italian furniture in Moscow is the only right decision. Thanks to the huge assortment and high-quality materials — you can easily give home coziness, comfort and elegance.

Elite Italian furniture Ulivi — you can trust us!

Each room in your house has its own purpose, and you can say a lot about the function of the room in the furniture that you fill it with. While some pieces of furniture may intersect between different types of rooms, most of them fit better into one than the other.

Salon of Italian furniture Ulivi rightfully takes its leading position in the furniture market due to:

  • a professional team of designers, masters of carpentry and furniture production who create unique and elegant furniture that can bring comfort and coziness to your home;
  • use only high-quality functional materials, such as elite wood, Italian leather and fabric, glass and metal;
  • a variety of style decisions: modern Art Nouveau, Scandinavian loft, classic, Provence, etc .;
  • A huge range of products that can accurately emphasize the individuality of each house.

We strive to contribute to the improvement of every person’s life, to fill his house with comfort and elegance. We provide high-quality luxury furniture and exceptional customer service, connect people with products and services in new and unexpected ways, and contribute to the creation of dream houses for everyone.