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Furniture collections Ulivi in ​​Moscow

Today, with more than 40 years of experience in creating innovative furniture, Ulivi is one of the leading manufacturers of luxury Italian furniture, a specialist in the implementation of advanced technical solutions in the field of modern furniture design, thoughtful details and innovative functional solutions. The production of high-quality furniture requires special design and processing methods focused on the quality of the materials used. This is guaranteed by our experts thanks to many years of experience.

What does Ulivi offer customers?

The huge Ulivi collection allows you to choose furniture for absolutely any room in a completely different style.

  1. Furniture for the night zone. Thoughtful minimalistic design correct geometric lines, combined with extreme convenience and functionality — these are the main characteristics of bedroom furniture in a modern style. Laconic design makes their appearance stylish and sophisticated, and natural materials emphasize beauty and prestige.
  2. Furniture for the living area. Modern Italian living rooms combine the conciseness of forms, high practicality, original author’s design and perfectly fit into a minimalist interior. The production uses special wear-resistant varnished or veneered coatings, high-quality types of wood, glass and metal.
  3. The latest fashion trends in furniture interior design offer a wide selection of modern home accessories from a leading Italian factory.
  4. Modern Italian upholstered furniture stands out for originality, elegance, convenience and multifunctionality. A bright combination of advanced design with innovative production technologies, non-standard forms and interesting materials provide a unique style and creativity in the interior of the housing.
  5. The office. Ulivi furniture for an Art Nouveau cabinet is ergonomic and functional. The variety of materials and forms allows customers to choose modern cabinets for their own home or office.
  6. Libraries and boasers. Modularity and a wide selection of furniture configurations make it possible to efficiently equip the space in the house. Modern Italian libraries are made from quality materials using modern technology and taking into account the latest innovative solutions.
  7. The combination of classic and modern is all embodied in chairs for home and business from Ulivi.
  8. Lighting and mirrors. Nothing transforms a room like a competently selected lighting coupled with mirrors. Buying Ulivi collections, you create the perfect aura of wealth and sophistication.
  9. Poufs are an ideal option for absolutely any room: living rooms, bedrooms, hallways, loggias — any of these rooms will become much more comfortable if an ottoman from our manufacturer appears in it.
  10. Tables from Ulivi are not just necessary furniture for your home, but also a bright accent in any interior.
  11. Tables and chairs. Modern production technologies and the experience of craftsmen preserved over centuries allow Italian products to occupy high positions in the international furniture market. Italian dining tables will delight you with quality and great design — it can be a practical table made of expensive wood or a unique table created specifically for your kitchen in the Art Nouveau style, on metal supports, with a glass top.
  12. Buying luxury furniture, in particular beds and banquets from Ulivi — you buy functionality, elegance and comfort in one package.

Do not forget that the furniture collection from Ulivi is not just an incredibly large collection of products, but first of all quality, functionality and comfort.

Experience combined with the active introduction of new technologies allowed our brand to show its best side in the global furniture market. Experienced craftsmen, creative designers, high-quality materials — we could all combine this in one so that you can enjoy elite Italian furniture in Moscow at affordable prices.